Title:Greetings from MARZOCCHI POMPE - Shanghai BranchPublisher:Member Site Anonymous
 Dear Eric, Hope this email finds you well. This is Lynn from MARZOCCHI POMPE, a wholly Italian-owned company specialized in the design, production and sale of high-performance external gear pumps and motors. Marzocchi Pompe is proud to be able to define itself manufacturer of external gear pumps and motors, producing as a matter of fact almost all main components in its own factories and to use the MADE IN ITALY brand. You could read more about us in the attached company overview. Now we have just opened a new branch in Shanghai and we are eager to get in touch with you, know about your current status and also the opportunities to cooperation. So please feel free to contact me or our GM, Andrea Lombardi, whose contact is shown as below. We look forward to hearing from you. Andrea Lombardi – General Manager Mobile: +86 18616225647 Phone: +86 021 63012989 E-mail: andrea.lombardi@marzocchipompe.com Marzocchi Pompe 是专门从事外啮合齿轮泵和马达的设计、生产和销售的公司。我们能够很自豪地自称为外啮合齿轮泵和马达的专业制造商,能够在自己的工厂内生产几乎所有主要部件,并使用源自意大利的品牌。公司拥有品种最广泛产品,从微型液压泵 - Marzocchi Pompe 引以为豪的产品 — 到新开发的低噪声泵 ELIKA。我们也是非常重视不断研发新产品的公司,使得我们可以满足客户和市场的新要求,所关注的不仅包括如何降低噪音,还要实现尽可能高的效率,从而有助于通过所实施的方案实现节能。公司总是将质量放在生产和组织系统的核心,在工艺、运营和客户服务方面不断追求卓越。现在我们在中国开办了分支并积极寻找合作伙伴,敬请通过电话或邮件联系我们,期待与您沟通! Thanks and best regards, Lynn ZHU Phone: +86 021 63012989 E-mail: lin.zhu@marzocchipompe.com MARZOCCHI (SHANGHAI) TRADING CO.,LTD Addr:Room 311, 116 Shimen Road(No.1), Jing An District, Shanghai, China Tel (+86) 021 63012989 Zip code: 200040 Web: www.marzocchipompe.com

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